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A deportation attorney in Tampa’s guide to removal proceedings
June 30, 2021 at 7:00 AM
A picture of a person waving an American flag outside their window. A deportation attorney in Tampa is the surest way to keep you where you belong: home.

Deportation is a specter that looms over every immigrant until they’ve obtained citizenship. Every non-citizen is vulnerable, and it’s easy to open yourself up to deportation when navigating the morass of the immigration process. At Tampa Immigration Law center, we’re the leading deportation attorneys in Tampa. Unlike competitors, we’re immigrants ourselves and understand the stress and anxiety surrounding immigration. We help shoulder the burden.

Here’s our guide to removal proceedings:

What causes deportation?

There are innumerable factors that cause deportation. Most commonly, those without legal residence status are subjected to these proceedings.

However, those who’ve obtained a green card can still be deported for offenses. These offenses range from failing to notify the government about a change of address to committing a crime. There are also many ways one might come to the attention of immigration authorities.

A phoned-in tip is one, and a failed application for benefits, asylum, a green card, or even naturalization can precipitate these proceedings, too. Understanding the cause for deportation and its legitimacy is imperative to your defense.

The only person who can assess your case and build a sound defense is a deportation attorney in Tampa. Luckily, with us, you get a decade of experience and proven results.

The deportation process

There are multiple procedural possibilities for removal and deportation proceedings. Each one necessitates a competent, committed deportation attorney in Tampa.

The most common proceeding is known simply as ‘Removal Proceedings.’ These transpire after formal accusations that the non-citizen is removable. During these proceedings, you will appear before a judge to plead your case.

Alternatively, you might endure ‘Expedited Removal Proceedings.’ These proceedings occur when people are residing in the United States without necessary documentation or have misrepresented facts to acquire admission and residency.

You can even be placed in Expedited Removal Proceedings if you’re at a port of entry or entered unlawfully and can’t prove you’ve been in the country for at least two years. You won’t appear before a judge, and an immigration officer will determine if you should be deported.

The stakes are supremely high, and failing to get legal counsel can have severe consequences. That’s why you need premier legal immigration guidance, which is what we provide.

What happens

During proceedings, the final steps are complicated, long, and arduous. First, the government sends a Notice to Appear before the immigration court. As soon as you’ve received this notice, it’s imperative to contact a deportation attorney in Tampa.

Afterward, the first hearing is held, known as a ‘Master Calendar Hearing.’ This hearing is when you discuss with your immigration judge and attorney whether the charges are true and whether you can apply for relief from removal.

If you have no substantial reason to claim relief, you could be ordered deported then and there. However, with a good attorney, you will likely be granted another hearing. Things that make you eligible for relief include:

  • Asylum
  • Marriage or a family relationship to a U.S. citizen
  • Proving you’ve lived in the U.S. for 10 years
  • Disproving accusations

This is when a deportation lawyer is critical for your defense. The judge will then schedule an ‘Individual Hearing,’ where you plead your case. They review evidence, listen to testimony, and determine if they should deport you.

Contact us now for a consultation!

If you’re in the throes of removal proceedings, a deportation attorney in Tampa is critical. Luckily, with Tampa Immigration Law Center, we’ve been offering unrivaled immigration legal counsel for a decade and counting. Unlike competitors, we’re immigrants ourselves and understand the unfathomable pressures that come with that status. Contact us now for a consultation!