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What Does an Immigration Lawyer Do?
January 31, 2023 at 8:00 AM
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No matter where you live, immigration laws can be challenging to understand. It’s incredibly easy to get tangled and lost if you don’t have help. And in the U.S., immigration law is second only to tax law in regard to complexity. A simple mistake on a visa or green card application can lead to year-long delays or outright denial of citizenship. This makes it challenging for foreign-born persons who want to become citizens.

In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about what an immigration lawyer does.

How can an immigration lawyer help you?

Immigration lawyers interpret laws and regulations to help clients understand their rights and possibilities. They also help guide their clients through different strategies and navigate the complex immigration process.

If you are a foreigner employed in the U.S., an immigration lawyer can handle all of the paperwork necessary on your or your employer’s behalf and help you organize what items you’ll need to collect, like a birth certificate or proof of marriage.

In addition, if you are filling out paperwork to present to the U.S. government, they ensure that the information you provide on all forms, documents, and statement is clear, correct, and consistent. Having consistent information is essential because if you have conflicting information on different forms, it can create huge problems when you have to interview with a U.S. government official.

Lastly, an experienced immigration attorney has an in-depth knowledge of what to expect from the U.S. government. While delays are expected, they will know how to deal with them and what issues to prepare for in case you get tied up on legal technicalities.

Can an immigration lawyer help if you switch immigration statuses?

If you’re switching from one visa or status to another in the United States, laws can become even more complicated and tangled. That’s because you legally need to change your status.

While many foreign nationals pursue visa changes or citizenship, there are things that you may not know. For example, traveling in and out of the U.S. consistently on your existing visa might jeopardize your application. Consulting an immigration attorney could be helpful in these situations, so you avoid creating any problems.

What situations require hiring an immigration lawyer?

Hiring an immigration lawyer isn’t always necessary, and sometimes the process can be completed by someone representing themselves. Here are some situations in which hiring an immigration lawyer is actually required:

  • Criminal conviction
  • Application denial
  • Previous deportation
  • Medical condition
  • Unreasonable wait time
  • Employer non-cooperation
  • Terminated marriage
  • Recently divorced
  • Children under the age of 21

How to find the right immigration lawyer

If you need an immigration lawyer for your case, you want to make sure you find someone who is reputable and has specific knowledge and past experience pertaining to your case. Most accomplished immigration lawyers are members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. While membership is not required, members have access to information and committees who keep them up to date on ever-changing laws and regulations.

You should talk with several attorneys before you commit to one. And only choose a lawyer you feel comfortable with and feel confident can help you with your case.

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