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When and Why You Need an Immigration Lawyer in Tampa
November 20, 2022 at 8:00 AM
When and Why You Need an Immigration Lawyer in Tampa

You are not required to hire an immigration lawyer in Tampa if you apply for an immigrant visa or green card. If your case is straightforward and you are eligible for the benefits you seek, you will likely be able to proceed all the way to a visa or green card without a lawyer.

But if your case is not as straightforward or you get lost in the process, you will likely need an immigration lawyer’s help. Immigration law is notoriously complicated and is run by the government with minimal oversight.

This article will explore when and why you need an immigration lawyer in Tampa.

When do you not need an immigration lawyer?

Not all immigration issues will require the help of an immigration lawyer. For example, if you are only visiting the United States for a vacation, you may not need a visa at all, as you can travel on the Visa Waiver Program.

However, U.S. immigration laws can be challenging to navigate, and hiring an attorney can save you time and money, especially if you have to redo an application done incorrectly.

When do you need an immigration lawyer?

There are several situations where consulting with an immigration lawyer could help you. These include:

  • Uncertainty about your eligibility for a green card or other immigration benefits
  • Receiving government assistance while living in the U.S.
  • Requesting any sort of discretionary relief, like asylum or waiver, which involves persuading the immigration authorities to make an exception or offer you benefits
  • Finding it difficult to obtain a green card, citizenship, or other immigration benefits
  • Needing emergency help with an immigration matter
  • Being deported from the U.S. and wanting to return
  • Having an immigration application refused or denied
  • Applying for an investment-based visa
  • Looking into the green card and application process and realize the process is too confusing

How to choose the right immigration lawyer in Tampa

You should never choose the first immigration lawyer you speak with. Instead, it’s best to talk with multiple attorneys to find the one that will best represent you and your case. You want someone who is experienced with your particular type of case. And if you can’t find a lawyer you like near you, U.S. immigration law is federal, meaning that you can get help from a lawyer in any U.S. state.

What to expect during your first meeting with an immigration lawyer

Most immigration lawyers charge a flat fee for a consultation, usually costing around $100. And some lawyers may provide a free first consultation. You will want to bring along any personal documents that pertain to your situation, like your passport, visa, I-94, marriage certificate, and any notices you’ve received from immigration authorities.

The lawyer you meet with will likely ask you several questions pertaining to your situation to see if they can help you. You will want to provide them with as much information as possible, so you avoid any situations in the future that impact case strategy. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions as well to determine whether they are someone you want to work with.

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